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We use proprietary data management system.

N-DMS combines the benefits of popular content management systems and enterprise systems.
The system focuses on quick editing with intuitive
access and allows to combine customized features in one data center.

Quick and intuitive data access

"Likeable" editing

MVC hierarchical architecture

Modularity and asynchronicity


Data systems and web applications

Software to support your work, tailored to your needs.

We specialize in web applications related to online business. We offer N-DMS based backend database solutions for analysis and data management.

Powerfull integration with external data interfaces that implement functionalities such as data translators or aggregators. We will build a software to effectively analyze and manage your business data.

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Audits and training
We will carry out the analysis and test the quality of your company IT security. We will suggest improvements, software and hardware solutions to increase sensitive data (ie banking data) safety level.

We will train your employees in the basic security rules during everyday tasks such as transfers, web browsing, data exchange, electronic invoices etc.

Database solutions
We consult and design relational and non-relational database solutions optimal for data flow in the company.

We will analyse and modify existing databases, perform migrations and implementations.

Software in the company
Installation of the software essential for the proper company functioning. From office packages to advanced technical software and device drivers.

We will advise and complete a data work-flow for your company.


We will create Your business website the way you like.

Your company online

We make a wide range of websites. From simple, aesthetic online business cards to complex websites with sales and press sections.

Our specialty is a development of various search/comparison engines and map based aggregators. We will integrate with API according to requirements and ensure cooperation a data exchange with external services.

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Implementation and maintenance

We can help You with the installation
If you have an existing third-party website and need ongoing care or updates, we will take care of it.

We will help you with addon installation for any content management system wheter its e-commerce or bloging platform.
Existing projects

We can refresh your webpage
If you already have a website but you think it does not meet your expectations, we will propose a number of solutions to raise the overall standard such as new design elements, code optimization, SEO or multilingualism.

SEO and Social media

Optimising online accessibility
We will take care of maintaining media channels for your company with a combination of SEO, design support and ongoing website maintenance. It will allow for controlled unification of companys image and effective media presence through frequent updates.

Image and brand

Graphic design and brand awareness creation.


We will develop a comprehensive visual strategy for the company. We will develop a graphic design with brand utilities and prepare all the necessary elements for an online advertising campaign.

We will work out the unification of existing visual elements and help to prepare a full set necessary for a worldwide expansion including language variants.

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Brand unification
We will help in developing your company brand awareness. Website, mobile application, stationery and advertising/logistic materials should meet the requirements of unified branding.

We will take care of it, if you feel the image of your company is not "coherent".

We will prepare whats necessary for the foreign market
Depending on the direction of geographical expansion, modified and properly prepared materials in different languages will be needed. Business plans, brochures, social media materials - we will take care of the preparation, translation and proofreading.
Social media

We will work out everything for the campaign
We will prepare the full spectrum of materials necessary for online campaigns. We will develop campaign strategies and propose directions to minimize cost and maximize the target group.

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